About the park

  • The trail is 2.1km long

  • Height difference ca. 80m

  • Around 15 different natural surfaces

  • 3 experience areas

    In our experience area you can enjoy the calming effect of the fascinating interaction between colours and sounds.

    Close your eyes and listen carefully. In our Audio area you will be told stories through sounds and “see” just how quickly the cinema inside your head conjures up the appropriate pictures.

    Our jungle space is in the middle of the untouched forest and looks out on to wilderness, with a soft scent of wild herbs and relaxing music. The surroundings are left completely wild, where trees are only felled for safety reasons. A nature park of over 10,000m.

  • 2 Aroma pavilions

    Flowers or herbs? Take a guess! Humans can differentiate between 10,000 smells, but can they be recognised without help? Try it out – our aroma pavilions are refilled each season with new surprises.

  • 1 Sound Station

    Place your head or arm in one of our tree trunks, which are up to 300 years old. Though take care when the eagle owl calls, some have ended up with a bump from the fright.

  • 1 Flower arbours (planted from May)

  • 1 Viewing pavilion

  • 1 Viewing terrace with music

  • Countless quiet spots

  • 1 Picnic lawn

  • 1 Footwashing area

  • 1 Changing area with 100 shoe lockers

  • 1 Ticket office and “Mit allen Sinnen” shop

  • 1 Darkroom